Monday, April 11, 2011

Mothers Day for Single Moms

I was a single Mom for much of my daughter's childhood. 
I was lucky that I had family close by to help out.
I worked hard, Two jobs for a long time.

Sometimes I felt like a failure
Sometime I thought I couldn't do it anymore
Sometimes I thought nobody understood how tired I was
Sometimes I would wish I had a friend that understood how hard it was to do this by myself

But then, my darling little girl would wrap her arms around me and tell me,
"I love you Momma"  and I would be rejuvenated.  Ready to take on the world!

Picture of a picture (sorry for the poor quality but it's one of my fav's)

I am really close with my daughter. In fact, I would consider her my best friend.  She inspires me, loves me and makes me proud every day. 

(my other fav pic of the two of us)

Today, I woke up got my coffee and logged into Face Book .... And saw this post. 

It made me smile. It made me proud.  It made me want to think of every single mom I've ever know and nominate them to win.  Not just cuz they could win the cutest sign ever...  but because it was a chance to recognize them. To let them know that we are proud of them and that they are not alone. 

So I thought I would nominate the best single mom I know right now.  I want her to win one of these darling Barn Owl Primitive signs that Little Miss Momma is giving away on her blog. 

here goes

Teresa W

She is a great Momma.  She is single and a hard working Real Estate Agent.  She put the needs of her darling daughter Sierra first. She struggles like we all do to find a balance between supporting her daughters financial need and giving her quality family time.  She makes goal boards with her, She plants vegetables with her, she decorates her room,  dances to Miley with her, goes to her Soccer games, picks her up early from after school day care and gives her all kinds of love.  She teaches her to be nice to everyone and that everyone has something special inside them.  Sierra is a sweet, thoughtful little girl that goes out of her way to make everyone feel special.  Sierra like everyone and has a special place in her BIG heart for the underdog.
Teresa and I have drifted apart ... But I still think she is a wonderful Single Momma. 

If Teresa won I would select this sign for her.  Beach Rules she also lives Buy The Beach

or maybe this one  Playroom Rules

Oh wait... maybe this one.  Family Rules

I'm sure we all know a fantastic Single Momma.  Join me in making someones day. 
What great single momma do you know? 

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Lindsay said...

This is so sweet. You and Ashley are so lucky to have each other and such a great relationship...

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

Awww, you made me all teary eyed with this post--you are the BEST momma ever, really you are!

i love you.

Barn Owl Primitives said...

ok ~ i'm teary eyed too!! you are both the best momma's ever!!

{Peppermint Plum} said...

You ladies are so darling! I, too, have a special place in my heart for MY single mom. She worked hard, really hard, and deserves nothing but the best! :)

-Annie @ {PeppermintPlum}

Aubrey said...

I was raised by a single mama. I had 2 little brothers too (until she finally remarried prince charming :)
I can not even begin to imagine the pressure a mom like that must feel.
She worked, I babysat. I hid from social services because I was "too little" But she knew I could handle it, and I knew she could too. We were a team. All those single mamas out there. It's something to stand up for and give an ovation to.

Carolynleigh said...

Awww! I hope to have the same kind of relationship with my daughter when she gets older.

terrid614 said...

hey there! so happy to have found your blog! (love your daughters blog also!) i am your latest follower! i, too am a single mama and have struggled at times with so many different things. it's not easy, but i wouldnt want to go back to a marriage that i was not 100% happy in, either!
happy wednesday~looking forward to reading more! xo

Rachel said...

Seriously, you and your daughter look like sisters in that picture! You both look great- it's a wonderful picture! :)

My sister became a single mom when her kids were 10, 7 and 4. I admire single moms for y'all do!! This was a great post!! I love those signs by the way!


mstalcup said...

So very sweet! I was too, a single mom for five years with a little one! He is now 14 and we are still the best of friends. It was extremely hard, but so worth it! I am now remarried with two toddlers and so happy that my hubs treats my oldest as his own. So very luck! You both are so beautiful!

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