Thursday, March 31, 2011

what i ate this week and next

Today was day 7 of this detox diet I've been doing.  I'm not going crazy, I'm not starving, I'm not grouchy and my hubby still loves me.  I've been walking almost everyday and have tons of energy.  So I'm on to week two.  So here's a little look into what I'm eating...

This morning I woke up, went on my walk and headed to the Redondo Beach Farmers Market. 
You know the one that is on the beach overlooking the Pier. 
I go every week on Thursday morning.
I love it! 
Funny thing is... I never buy the stuff in the picture above. 
I thought I did. Really! 
But today I realized that I buy all the bad stuff!
Chips and salsa
Pita bread
Fresh humus and Pita chips
Salted nuts
Kettle Corn
Sure I throw in a few apples and maybe an onion or two... and if I'm really feeling farmers market-ish , I may get a squash and a green pepper and a garlic glove. 
But I realized the real reason I went was for kettle corn and pita bread and the fresh flowers wrapped in newspaper!  YIKES!  No wonder I put on 22lbs in 6 months.

So today I was a true farmers market kinda GAL and only got really healthy stuff!

These babies are in the pot right now and I plan to eat each and every leaf. (without butter)

Today for a snack I ate (for the first time ever) Snap Peas! and this blood red orange.
They are my new fav. I hope they are as good at the movies as they were on the beach.

I also got some of the freshest Asparagus ever.  I did the bend test to see where they snapped off and they didn't! Serious.  The farmer glared at me a little but, ... I just smiled and said I'll take a bunch please.

The olives and nuts (unsalted and raw) were my big treat.  Yes I would rather have Salt and Vinegar chips but this will have to do.
That is a sweet potato next to the olives. Another fav.  Oh so good!  No butter either. Just wrap it in foil and oven bake it for about 35 minutes. Perfection!  Seriously.

Never been much of a strawberry fan.  My mom ate them by the crate full when I was a kid and she always put tons of sugar on top so it would turn into Strawberry syrup...Yuck!  But I must admit I have come to love these as a late night snack. (with out the sugar)
Not nearly as good as the thin mint girl scout cookies I see EVERYWHERE but a really good substitute.

My liquids have been reduced to Coffee, Black Tea and this cool black Chai Tea i found at the market.  I've had to put the wine and diet Pepsi aside.  That may truly be the one thing I miss.  A nice glass of Chardonnay sure takes the edge off of a long day. 

Ohhhh yes, I can't forget the most important thing I am putting into my body everyday. and alot of it! now I'm drinking about 12 of these a day...sometimes more... Ice cold only.

I'm eating eggs, meat, poultry and even a slice or two of bacon every now and then as well.
All this for two reasons.
To detox my body off all the crap I've been putting in it 
and so
I can get rid of my new Blogger's Butt!

Then this big gigantic PINK across my ass will hopefully shrink to just pink!

Can't wait to try the One Ingredient Frozen banana smoothie that one of the funniest blogs ever  Fabusously  Flawed made for her family this week.

I will be linking up to FAT Friday over at my new Bloggy BFF Chrissy of Boerman Ramblings cuz she ROCKS! BIG TIME!

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Things you should know about me if we are going to be Bloggy BFF's

Ten Things you should know about me if we are going to be Bloggy BFF's

10.  I will break plans with you, if it's a good Beach Day.
Unless you are Matthew McConaughey 

  9.  I am on a never ending diet and have lost the same 20 lbs 15 times. 
 They latest diet is below.

  8.  I have left overs in my fridge that have turned into science projects
cuz I save them, I don't eat them.

  7.  I have a boogie board and surf board but hate to go in the water.  
I'm afraid of seaweed. So they are just for looks.

  6.  My purse weighs more then my 2 year old grandson
and I can never find anything in it.

  5.  A new pair of shoes always makes everything all better
       (Steve Madden-Ross Dress for Less $12.99)

  4.  I own stacks of cook books but never follow a recipe.
      (because I hate buying the ingredients at the store)

  3.  My new favoraite show is Shameless and I would run away
with Steve (Jimmy) if I were Feona.

  2.  I spend more on my hair in a month then my husband does in a year
 and he doesn't have any idea. 

  1.  I got my belly button pierced. at a tattoo parlor, late one night,
after too much wine with my bestie.
       (It's closed up now) & (this is not my belly, remember i'm on a diet)

  again... not my belly

What should I know about you, if we are gonna be Bloggy BFF's?
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Thursday, March 24, 2011

No More Excuses

I got on the scale last night and almost fainted.  I have put on 22lbs since the end of October. 
I hate that I do this! 
I work so hard to take off the weight and then I put it right back on! 

I asked myself why? 
I didn't have an answer... But I know I don't want to feel like this any more!
I woke up this morning and got ready to take my first walk in a very long time...
Then it hit me.  I give myself excuses.

10 excuses I give myself every morning

10.  It's way to cold! (I do own a jackets and gloves)
9.    It's raining!  (That only works when it is raining and I'm told it Never rains in CA)
8.    My hair will frizz!  (My hair is always frizzy by the end of the day)
7.    I'll walk tonight!   (But I never do)
6.    I don't have time today   (Ya right... maybe if I cut out TV I would have more time)
5.    I left my shoes at Ashley's again.      (NOT, I own 6 pairs)
4.    I don't feel good, the cold might get me sicker. (This is a really good one)
3.    I already showered & can't mess up my make up.  (Walk first stupid!)
2.    Still recovering from surgery. (HA! That happened in October. completely healed)
and now the #1 reason I give myself is 
1.     I'm not so fat...right?  You should have seen him try and hide it.  Then he said I like you curvy, and your boobs are so big now....  Double UGGGGGGGH!

So today I told myself each and everyone of these excuses while I took my walk and before I knew it I had completed 4 miles.  I feel great!  NO MORE EXCUSES! 

The funny thing is... every time I finish walking I feel sooooo good!  I'm always so happy I walked!  Why do i do this? 

These pants fell to the floor the last time I put them on October 15th 2010! That was 22lbs ago. 
I am so embarrassed! 
So I put them on and had him take these embarrassing pictures. They are so tight!

 I am going to give myself 30 days to lose the 22lbs. (hopefully more)
I'm gonna walk again and I'm also going to try this 30 day program of healthy eating.
Click the logo for details.

I started today!
Wanna join me?
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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bloggy Bootcamp San Diego

Being a brand new Blogger I was a bit intimidated to attend the Bloggy Boot camp in San Diego this weekend.  My daughter Ashley (Little Miss Momma) was the first speaker--so at least I felt, while I may not be worthy, I still had a good reason to go. 

WOW! Was I pleasantly surprised. 
Everyone made me feel welcome and special...
Everyone was so supportive
and everyone made everyone feel like they were a superstar blogger! 

Blogging Resources for Women

It was jam packed with ton of useful and helpful information.
The set up was welcoming and almost forced even the shyest of us to interact and meet fellow Bloggers.

The speakers were all so insightful.  So a big shout out to the
SITS Girls for making this all happen.  Tiffany (you are so pretty) and Francesca...
You rock!

For Women

Best of all, I feel like I just made some really good friends

Like Betsy of Betsy Life who's food blog could inspire even the worst cook to try and sun dry tomatoes and who's new hair do makes me want to chop off my locks.

and Kathleen of Kathleens Sugar And Spice who's little Beagles melt your heart and who made me feel so welcome at the after party.

and Lisa of  Love Heals Gage who's story is so inspiring it brought tears to my eyes and who's as every bit sweet and kind in person as I knew she would be.

and Lauren of I heart Andy Gross who's stories of her 3 year old had me in stitches and a little worried that my own grandson was not going to be out of the terrible twos anytime soon.

and Lisa of The Gonzo Gourmet that grows her own tomatoes even with a black thumb and then takes amazing pictures too.  She was the first blogger I spoke to at the first table of the day and I knew I was gonna love that I was there after meeting her. 

I listened with admiration as each person at the table gave their elevator pitch.  The worst part of the day was that we often ran out of time before we got to hear each persons story.  I wanted to jump up and shout WAIT!!!!  I DIDN'T GET TO HER HER STORY YET... but it all moved so fast and we were on to the next speaker and table. 

I'd love to spend an entire day of only meeting all the bloggers and hearing their stories. 

I plan on spending every free moment pouring over all the blogs of every one I met so I can get to know each and every one of them even better.
Brandi me Designs
Genevieve Celebrate Today
It was a great weekend not only cuz it was a great Boot Camp but because I got to spend some time with my biggest blogger supporters, my daugher Ashley. of Little Miss Momma and  Nina of Momma Go Round

These two ladies know how to have them selves some beach fun.

Momma Go Round

San Diego is a great place with so many little beach towns to visit.  
We had a blast on Friday  

Looking forward to another visit.
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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

when the beach is cold...

 There is nothing better then a hose, a bucket a backyard and a GRANDSON. 
Love this little guy more than I could have ever imagined. 

Can't wait to let him run on the beach all summer!
post signature Price reduction to 699,900.

Back and forth from Redondo Beach to Oak Park.  Lots of activity on the Oak Park listing has had me running to and from for two weeks.  Open house last weekend was busy with lots of Looky Lou's.  The price reduction to $699,900 has generated lots of interest.   I spent three days updating every website with the price reduction and notifying all the agents too.  No offers yet but lots of activity.  Spread the word. 
217 Valero Circle has been reduced to $699,900.  
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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Dead Fish Redondo Beach King Harbor

Dead Fish Redondo Beach
Lack of Oxygen seems to be the answer.

No words....
but, would love to hear your's.

For more on the story and a news KTLA5 video click the link above

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