Sunday, March 20, 2011

Bloggy Bootcamp San Diego

Being a brand new Blogger I was a bit intimidated to attend the Bloggy Boot camp in San Diego this weekend.  My daughter Ashley (Little Miss Momma) was the first speaker--so at least I felt, while I may not be worthy, I still had a good reason to go. 

WOW! Was I pleasantly surprised. 
Everyone made me feel welcome and special...
Everyone was so supportive
and everyone made everyone feel like they were a superstar blogger! 

Blogging Resources for Women

It was jam packed with ton of useful and helpful information.
The set up was welcoming and almost forced even the shyest of us to interact and meet fellow Bloggers.

The speakers were all so insightful.  So a big shout out to the
SITS Girls for making this all happen.  Tiffany (you are so pretty) and Francesca...
You rock!

For Women

Best of all, I feel like I just made some really good friends

Like Betsy of Betsy Life who's food blog could inspire even the worst cook to try and sun dry tomatoes and who's new hair do makes me want to chop off my locks.

and Kathleen of Kathleens Sugar And Spice who's little Beagles melt your heart and who made me feel so welcome at the after party.

and Lisa of  Love Heals Gage who's story is so inspiring it brought tears to my eyes and who's as every bit sweet and kind in person as I knew she would be.

and Lauren of I heart Andy Gross who's stories of her 3 year old had me in stitches and a little worried that my own grandson was not going to be out of the terrible twos anytime soon.

and Lisa of The Gonzo Gourmet that grows her own tomatoes even with a black thumb and then takes amazing pictures too.  She was the first blogger I spoke to at the first table of the day and I knew I was gonna love that I was there after meeting her. 

I listened with admiration as each person at the table gave their elevator pitch.  The worst part of the day was that we often ran out of time before we got to hear each persons story.  I wanted to jump up and shout WAIT!!!!  I DIDN'T GET TO HER HER STORY YET... but it all moved so fast and we were on to the next speaker and table. 

I'd love to spend an entire day of only meeting all the bloggers and hearing their stories. 

I plan on spending every free moment pouring over all the blogs of every one I met so I can get to know each and every one of them even better.
Brandi me Designs
Genevieve Celebrate Today
It was a great weekend not only cuz it was a great Boot Camp but because I got to spend some time with my biggest blogger supporters, my daugher Ashley. of Little Miss Momma and  Nina of Momma Go Round

These two ladies know how to have them selves some beach fun.

Momma Go Round

San Diego is a great place with so many little beach towns to visit.  
We had a blast on Friday  

Looking forward to another visit.
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Lindsay said...

So glad you guys had a great time! I want to come with you all next time :)

Shelly said...

It sounds like it was an awesome time with wonderful people. Someday I'd love to participate in something like that. I'll have to check out the blogs you mentioned.

Kathleen said...

What a wonderful post. It really was lovely meeting all the bloggers that BBC brings together. Especially you!

Lisa said...

What a nice post, and your pictures are amazing. At first I couldn't figure out that's my town! Great to meet you.

Sweet Craft Cakes said...

Okay I know I didn't just read that right.. You are Ashley's mom? No way, It can't be true.. You look AMAZING!!! Smiles~ Noelle

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

We had such a blast didn't we! It made me so happy that we were there together, side by side--as always! you are my best friend!


ME Designer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ME Designer said...

It was nice to meet you this weekend. I put a link to your site on my blog today.

Marissa said...

Thanks for leaving me a comment! This was my first conference too and it was so much fun. Ashley did a fantastic job! Glad you enjoyed your time here :)

Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

I know, we're awesome aren't we??!!! Had a BLAST with you, so glad you came! LOVE YOU!

2girlsonabench said...

We didn't meet you :( but we did meet Nina and Ashley and had a great time at #BBCSD too :) Thanks for all the great blog links and memories!

SITS Girls said...

I love that you came to support Ashley and ended up enjoying the experience as a blogger!

You and your gorgeous girls were such a pleasure to have- Ashley did GREAT.

Thank you so much for coming and for posting about your experience. And, of course, for mentioning that I am pretty. ;)


Jenae @ Wildflower said...

sounds like soo much fun!! Im going to bloggy bootcamp in denver! Super excited! have any tips? what to bring?

Genevieve Le Bel said...

Thank you so much for the sweet mention!!!
I would have loved to have shared such a fun time with my own mom! LMM is way lucky to have such a rockstar woman in her life!
Genevieve =)

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