Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ten Beach BADS

I'm always telling everyone that I love the Beach.  As with most things in life it's not perfect... but, I could only come up with ten BEACH BADS.  Here is my list...

  Frizzy hair...Everyday, no matter what! I look like I put my finger in a light socket.
I spend an hour with a straightener.

2.  Never any parking...and I get at least one parking ticket a month. 

3.  No cell phone reception..

4.  Grouchy angry bikers on the bike path yelling right! right! or left! left!
Shouldn't they be on a race track and not a beach bike path?

5.  No dogs allowed!  My little Yorkie would love to run on the sand and play in the water.  Whats up with that?

6.  Rust  on my BBQ

7. RUST on my bike.  My bike lives inside and still gets rust!
This is her now.... but if I don't put her inside everyday

This could happen. Yikes!

8.  Smokers:  Some guy stops in front of my house every night to watch the sunset...Smoking a Cigar.  UGGG!  This isn't him, in fact he's kinda HOT!  but... this is what he looks like with that cigar in his mouth.

9.  Trash...people really do leave their trash on the beach.  Really!  

10.  Doggy Poop on the sidewalk.  Serious?  Pick it up people. 
We even give you free bags on every corner.  Not fun stepping in this mess.

What's your BADS?
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Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

Sand in my car!!! I swear there isn't a vaccum out there that is able to get half the beach that I take home with me out of my carpet :(

The Miller Family said...

My BADS are:
-Sand in babies diaper.
-Birds clever enough to find whatever snacks are in my bag. [while we are in the water]

Carol said...

1. I hate sand on my hardwood floors. :(
2. The smell when they cut kelp and it sits on the shore... (Smells like death)
3. When it's clear 1 mile inland but overcast 90% of the summer along the shore line

Lyndsi said...

Loved catching up on your blog!! The doggy poop on the sidewalk was the icing on the cake to the BADS!

Jenna said...

My beach bads? Just one... the awful sunburn I know I'l get no matter what I do. I love the beach it just doesn't love me..

<3 your blog by the way! :)

"Cottage By The Sea" said...

Someone is always doing construction on their house and contractors don't keep the area clean. How hard is it to keep your construction crapola off the sidewalk so people don't have to walk in the street to avoid it? Seagull poop on my car. I'm also with you on the bicyclists and dog poop on the sidewalk. We're lucky because our beach allows dogs in lots of areas off leash, and some areas on. But all in all, nothing compares to living here and every bad thing is worth 10 good ones!

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