Friday, February 4, 2011

Super Bowl and a 10k POOR sport!

 I'm a New York Jets Fan! Even bigger then Fireman ED! We were this close! (holding my finger and thumb together to show a very small amount of space)

Mark Sanchez and I are like this
 (crossing fingers to show how tight we are) wink*

 I am all in favor of Coach Ryan's trash talk and even his foot fetish! 

 But here is the reason I just couldn't get enough of the Jets this season. 
Braylon Edwards!   Oh Baby!  Hot! Hot! Hot!

I really am a member of his fan club.
I had my Super Bowl ... when we beat the the  cheaters and sent Brady home!
Tom is kinda Hot too, (ya think) but maybe now he'll have time to  get a hair cut... and he can watch the super bowl like the rest of the world on a big screen



 wow! I'm a poor sport.
Being a Jet fan can do that to anyone.

So I will not be watching the Super Bowl on Sunday... Instead I'm gonna hang out at the beach with all the Redondo Beach 10k runners!

Who did you want play in the Super Bowl and
Will you be watching this Sunday?
There is always room in the 10K.
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Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

Mark really is the BEST looking player out there, and lets face it, thats the reason I watch the Jets anyway! That 10K looks so much fun! Maybe I will need to sign up for next year!

Kimberly said...

I will probably just watch the 1/2 time entertainment~!

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