Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Oil or Sunscreen?

I've been a beach loving, sun worshiper my whole life. 

I've got a beach bag packed at all times. I can be ready to go in about 6 minutes.  When Ashley was just a baby we would go to Mothers Beach in Marina Del Rey all the time

Hanging out on the beach last weekend it occurred to me that not everyone enjoys the beach the same way I do.  

  So pretend it's just you (no kids, no hubby)and you get to go to the beach all by yourself today...
Chair or Towel
Umbrella or None
Hot or Cold
ipod or not
Doritos or Fruit
Book or Magazine
Sand or Water
Walk or Sit
Sunglasses or Hat 
Pony Tail or Down
One Piece or Two
Oil or Sunscreen
Volleyball or Boogie Board
People Watch or Sleep
Shaved or Waxed

My perfect day at the beach is 85 degrees, hot sand (the kind that burns your feet) sitting in a low beach chair,

 without my ipod or an umbrella, with a magazine so I can hide my
people watching stalking skills, with sunglasses 
and a hat

  eating Doritos in a two piece
 (no picture's of that lovely sight)

 covered in oil (Bain de Soleil) for full body tan, But that's only if I've shaved.
 I bring my boogie board but I have yet to put it in the water.  It just look good. 

People watching is the best pass time however, I have been known to dig a
pretty big hole and i can build a pretty mean sand castle. (not as good as this one)

What would be your perfect day at the beach?


Kimberly said...

Mine would be hat, ponytail, one piece, 80 degrees, magazines and something cold to drink! I can pretend right as I am in NJ where the winter has been a bad one.

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

mine would be 85 degrees, towel, tankinie, large diet cherry pepsi with ice, string cheese, doritos, beand dip, a good book, my son, hubby and momma!

Karri said...

Beach chair sitting close enough so my toes touch the water, nice and balmy, a good book, brimmed hat, hair down, two piece or tankini (depending on the bloat factor), waxed, sunscreen (15), chips & salsa, grapefruit la croix with ice and lime,& boogie board. And my husband, so I can comment while I occasionally people watch.

Anonymous said...

Mine would be hot, towel, tankinie, doritos, some melon, magazine, hat, or hair up depends on my mood. My kiddos and my hubster. No oil, has to be sunscreen lotion.

Cassie said...

Pony tail, a big towel, with an umbrella just in case, lots of sun screen, doritos, string cheese, fruit, sweet tea, water, Justin, tankini, a few great books, maragaritas, shaved and a two pair of sunglasses (just incase I lose a pair in the ocean)

LP aka A Crafty Southern Chick said...

Hey Michelle!! I nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award!

Chrissy @ Boerman Ramblings said...

very hot, low beach chair, tankinie, Doritos, book, sunglasses, hat for later, pony tail (if my hair were long enough) Oil! people watch,

Being that it is really cold here and we got 16 inches of snow in one day. I am sad reading this post! thanks for reminding me it all goes away and in a few (long) months we will have summer here in Michigan again!

Caitlin said...

I would love to build a really awesome sand castle like that one!!!

AshleyMarie said...

Wow I haven't been to the beach since I was 5 and the only way I remember that is the few sea shells I took for keepsakes. I LOVE this post, the way you got me thinking of what I would want and now I am just craving the beach.
85 degrees, beach chair, grapes and bannanas, a magazine and I would DEFINATELY be people watching (Shh don't tell)!
Glad I just found your blog.

AshleyMarie said...
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