Thursday, May 5, 2011

How to put a Rental property on craigslist for free

How to put a Rental property on Craigslist for free
Sometimes as a Realtor we do special favors for really great people
This week it was a favor for my Momma
She needed me to help her neighbor get her little guest house rented
She is a cute little old lady. She does not have Internet access and really had no business meeting strangers. 
She contacted several property management companies to help her but NONE of them called her back.  I couldn't believe it! 

I told her I would help her just cuz she was a sweetheart and I wanted to restore her faith in Real Estate agents.  Besides... she said i could blog about it too.
I stopped buy her place in the afternoon and snapped a few pictures.
Then downloaded them to my computer. 

Take at least one front of the property picture
 Always take a kitchen photo

4 to be exact,  That is all that is allowed unless you want to do a custom one. 
Pictures are a must for Craigslist! 

I then opened a FREE account with craigslist by going to
It was easy,  just follow the directions
Pick a user name,  a password and agree to the simple terms. 
BINGO! account opened! 

Next select the area that you wish your ad to be placed. 
Title the ad.  Be clever.  This is a studio apartment...but I knew I would get lots more interested tenants if I called it a Guest House.  It really is a guest house. 
A little house in the back of a single family residence. 

I wrote a cute add describing the best features of the property and all the details.
Darling Guest House in Torrance
Studio-Doll House
New kitchen
New bathroom
Full size stove included
Refrigerator included
water and trash paid
Great neighborhood
no pets
no smokers
good credit a must
$875 month
month to month only
I did not put the address.  I only put cross streets and the City.  I did not list a contact phone number.

 I had them reply to an email address.  This way I could communicate with them a few times via email first.  This way I could ask the questions and give them the answers to their questions before I even scheduled the appointment to see the unit.  I was able to eliminate several showings and bad credit tenants. 

I only scheduled appointments with serious tenants
There are lots of people that just like to look at rentals. Don't waist your time. 

With in 1 hour I had 9 emails from interested parties. 
I only showed it 3 times in three days
In less then a week I had it rented to a wonderful gal with fantastic credit and a great job! 

I was sure to check her credit, verify that she really was employed and verify her past rental history. 
If you hired a real estate agent or property management company to do this same service you could pay as much as 10% of the first years rent.  In this case she may have payed $1,050.
I would have charged 6% so the cost would have been $630
Sometimes it pays to be a sweet little old lady.

I love craigs list and have found my last 4 homes using this free service. 
If you need help putting a property on craigslist feel free to email me with your questions. 


Lindsay said...

This was right up my alley :) Thanks Michelle :)

Ashley @ Little Miss Momma said...

This is so helpful! Craigslist is such an amazing resource!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the info!! I've never used Craigslist before, but have heard good things about it. Cute rental by the way! So sweet for you to help!


Autumn said...

I love Craigslist...mainly because that is how we have found our apartment. What a cute rental!

my first giveaway :)

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I’ve been at the look out for such info..Thanks for a very informative website..Craigslist is such an amazing resource

Jack said...

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