Monday, January 24, 2011

Break of Dawn

In case you were wondering,
this is what 5 a.m. looks like {at the beach}.

And when my grandson visits me,
I get to see the beach at the break of dawn.
lucky me

But really,
look at that face,
lucky me!


LUCKY 7 DESIGN said...

If I had that view of the beach, and those adorable toes to play with I might not mind getting up at 5 a.m.!

Lesley said...

Hi Momma's momma! ♥

Jen @ said...

Awww, I recognize that cute baby!!

How lucky are you to live right on the beach. You are living my dream!!!

Your blog is awesome!


Nina @ Momma Go Round said...

LOVE the new look! That picture on your header is beyond gorgeous. You are so lucky to wake up to that everyday. Love you Mama!

chatdumpgirl said...

wow. it's missouri. its 22 degrees. your blog makes me happy. thanks for posting!

Jody said...

So happy your daughter pointed me in the your direction. As we're having a frigid winter here in MIchgain I can look at your pictures of the beach and dream of summer.

M* {Daydream Believers} said...

It is icy and snow covered here in MI - your beautiful pictures of the beach are just what I needed this morning! :) Thanks for sharing! M*

Deanna said...

Great pictures! Inspires me to start blogging! :)

I love reading peoples blogs, takes you places you never thought you would go and makes you think of others outside your circle.

Brittany@Love Stitched said...

I love your home, I love your daughter, I love baby W, and I pretty much now LOVE this blog :) Feel like you have a creepy stalker yet ;) lol
Great Job Michelle :)

Peppermint Plum said...

Indeed, you ARE lucky! Such a beautiful beach and a beautiful blog! Happy to be a new follower. :)

-Annie @ {PP}

coolkids said...

Love that first pic with the toes! He is too cute! and you are very lucky!

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